Monday, May 10, 2010

Farm Focus: Virtual berries!

Every month I find the story of a farm whose fruit is featured and share it with subscribers. This month I'm taking it paperless!

Mmmm, it's finally berry season. Whenever I need strawberries but don't have time to pick them myself at Swanton, I rely on Medina Berry Farm at the Jack London Square Farmer's Market. They're nice people who always make me a great deal on a flat of berries, and ask after my jam.

Pacific Coast Farmer's Markets, who run the JLS market on Sundays, has put together a lovely virtual farm tour. Pedro Medina, Jr. thanks his customers, talks about why he went organic, and hopes the farm will pass on to the 4th generation. I love the music and the family photos!

And, speaking of paperless, I should also mention that the Jack London Square market has a really effective presence on facebook these days. They offer weekly updates on special events and what crops are coming out. Plus facebook exclusive contests and giveaways! I'm a fan!