Saturday, August 7, 2010

Farm Focus: Happy Girl and Van Dyke, enablers of apricot appreciation

I'm so excited to offer apricot jam for the first time! I always seem to blink and miss the short apricot season. Thanks to Linda for turning me on to the Food Preservationists, a project from Happy Girl Kitchen that promotes home canning and offers weekly deals on bulk produce! I tried their service for the first time last month. I ordered online and a few days later picked up 20 pounds of beautiful Blenheim apricots. The apricots are sourced from Van Dyke Ranch, a 5 generation family farm in Gilroy specializing in organic dried fruits. Van Dyke's apricot sales pitch:

After they finish harvesting and packing cherries they move on to their signature crop, Blenheim apricots. Their farm has great southern exposure which increases the sweetness and flavor of their fruit. The Blenheim apricot is one of the best tasting apricot varieties, very sweet with true apricot flavor.

Southern exposure or not, they melt perfectly into a luscious jam with a heady summer perfume.

Hungry yet?

How about now? (Stay tuned for the recipe!)

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